Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pet Chat Radio's First Broadcast

It was decided a while ago that we were going to enhance the interactive communicative aspect of Web-DVM augmenting the blog and message boards with a weekly Internet radio broadcast, Web-DVM's Pet Chat Radio. The blog especially will now be geared toward expanding on topics presented in the broadcast beginning with my own commentary and continuing with listener/reader comments.

Regarding this week's maiden broadcast, one particular news story I wanted to expand on a bit was La Jolla, California's program to keep seals from taking over Children's Pool Beach by scaring them away with loud barking dog noises, as well as their plan "B" to shoot water at them should they become refractory to the dog noise. Quick side note, I am quite embarrassed about my gross mispronunciation of "La Jolla," as following the broadcast, I was immediately notified by an L.A. base close friend of mine that it is actually pronounced, "La Hoya."

Per the broadcast, animal rights activists plan to oppose this plan, the question is, are they justified in making this an issue? Do La Jolla residents have the right to keep the seals in check to keep one of their favorite beaches clear for their own use? Are their tactics pf barking dog noise and possible water projectiles reasonable, or invasive or even inhumane? I would love for someone actually from that area to comment - provided you don't give me too much flack for my ridiculous mispronunciation of La Jolla.

And of course, comments on any aspect of the broadcast are welcome. Thanks for listening!

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Give Back Child's Pool! said...

I actually am a La Jolla (your pronunciation was pretty funny, Doc) resident, and I am fully in favor of getting those seals out of there. I love seals and I am an environmentalist, but this beach has a concrete crescent-shaped breakwater dedicated in 1941protects the cove from waves and currents, and generations of children learned how to swim there.

But the cove has largely tilled-in with sand, and the beach was taken over by a boisterous and excrement-producing colony of seals a decade ago. Since then, residents have battled on the sand and in courts to oust the colony, dredge the sand, and restore water circulation and eliminating the foul water.

The seals have many other places along the California Coast to go settle, since in all, were talking about little more than about 200 seals. I say let's give this little ocean haven back to the little kids - the Animal Rights People really should chill out on this one.

Dr. Roger Fan said...

Hey Doc,

Since meeting you I always thought that you belonged on TV, but this is a good start, very cool, very fun little program. I look foward to listening every week.

Good luck with it!


P.S.: I am not a Californian, but I say give the beach back tot eh kids, as long as it can be done without physically hurting the seals.

PetChatRadioFan said...

The news was very interesting as animal news always seems to be, and I no commercials is nice. Its great back to listen to ase I surf the net. You asked for auggestions, I think clever music intro would spice things up and be a good attention grabber.

Overall, great idea and nice start. I think its going to catch on real fast!

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