Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Call-in Show Wednesday 7/28/2010 9PM EST: Relax, its only an e-collar!

Call in number:(877) 878-1435

In this episode:

Animal victims of the Gulf Oil Spill that never touched oil: Learn about indirect animal victims of the BP Spill and how you can help.

Your vet knows better!: When breeders and kooky rescue people give you advice contrary to what your vet says, your best bet is to trust your vet.

Relax, its only an e-collar!: Thoughts on some pet owners' absurd fear of e-collars.

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Bonus Material:

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Dr. Roger Welton is the President and chief veterinarian at Maybeck Animal Hospital in West Melbourne Florida, as well as CEO of the veterinary advice and health management website Web-DVM.net.

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